Global Ecommerce Solutions

Xtrem Global is a trusted global e-commerce solutions provider. The Xtrem Global platform combines powerful state-of-the-art technology and services that facilitate international eCommerce operations. Xtrem Global clients are already selling to more than 200 countries, in more than 60 currencies.

Customer Experience
Xtrem Global provides the services and the technology,
which offer international visitors a local and welcomed
customer experience.

International CheckoutXtrem Global’s International Checkout makes shopping
seamless, the total price of the product is displayed
for international consumers, including local duties
and taxes, as well as a number of delivery methods
to choose from and local payment methods.

Global Logistics
Xtrem Global manages the entire global logistics network.
We do the paperwork on behalf of the merchant,
and provide ready-made courier contracts.

Post-delivery Support
Xtrem Global provides post-delivery support, which
allows for easy global returns and full tracking of
global shipments.